The Book Whisperer

June 20, 2013

I am excited to introduce Donalyn Miller’s The Book Whisperer as the first book to be discussed.

I first  heard  about this book from my friends at the Orchard School in Indiana who implemented her approach and had tremendous results.  When speaking with their 5th grade students, I witnessed the enthusiasm they had for reading.  They were eager to brag on the number of books they had read and were quick to talk about the favorite books.  One teacher gave testimony that in all of her years of teaching she had never had students who wouldn’t quit talking about books they had been reading in reading class when they entered her writing class.  It was impressive, and I was ready to learn how to instill this love of reading in the students at my school.

Reviews I have read praise Miller on her ability to turn reluctant readers into avid readers.  On the back cover of the book it states, “Miller takes us inside her 6th grade classroom to reveal the secrets of her powerful but unusual instructional approach.”The-Book-Whisperer-Miller-Donalyn-9780470372272

I invite you to read and discuss her book with me.

Feel free to check out Donalyn Miller’s website:


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